Fun & Links

This section includes random links that are of some interest. I hope you enjoy them. How to be a bad graduate student, by Christos Kozyrakis.

How to give a bad talk, a good talk and 21 secrets for the speaker. A collection of fun d&d related comics. A collection of nerd (geek) comics. It is so true sometimes... A collection of software tools from the friend who introducted me to bridge. A collection of some online games. The Hellenic student association at Stanford.

Facebook photos

I am providing links to my photo albums on facebook with some pictures of around here. Biking the Marin Headlands just north of SF. Whale watching trip to Mexico, 2015. Biking Tilden park, just east of Berkeley. Visiting Munich (Germany) and Ferrara (Italy). Grand canyon trip (2014). Munich and Ferrara (2014). Mexico trip (2013). Flying around the bay. Random photos. Stanford new year gathering (2008). Monterey. Alcatraz. Easter Stanford celebration (2008). Easter Stanford celebration (2009). Graduation ceremony. Skiing. Mountain biking.

If you want to know about the process to apply to U.S. universities (pages in Greek):